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Last Edit: 2020-05-17

On Electric Longboards

Putting together an electric longboard

I recently built an electric longboard after many years of dreaming, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Here's a picture of the board, in all of the Canadian springtime glory:

sniff it's beautiful

My Setup

  1. Unlimited X Loaded Cruiser (Hub Motor)
  2. Orangutang Kegels (Wheels)
  3. Cast Ronin (Trucks)
  4. Loaded Truncated Tesseract (Deck)


For my riding preferences, this board feels better to me than any Boosted Board to I've ever ridden (which is not suprising considering that I've accumulated my favourite parts through the ~7 years of owning the deck).

I think that although the board is a lot of fun to ride around aimlessly, I'll start to see it's value more when I move out of quarantine and back into a city like Philadelphia or San Francisco (I made sure to get the extended range option).

Overall I'm very excited to ride this thing around more! Although it's playing into the "tech bro" caricature, it's the skateboarding roots that ultimately make this project so important to me.

Thanks for reading!

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